Monday, 22 October 2012

Day 10 - 20 Days to Organise & Clean your home Challenge

I am participating in the The Organised Housewife's 20 Days to Organise & Clean your home Challenge. The challenge has now finished, but it's never too late to start and complete it at your own pace like I am. You can find all the information you need know about Day 10's challenge tasks here.

CLEAN oven
Who actually likes cleaning their oven? Certainly not me! I had made a poor attempt at cleaning the oven a couple of months ago and was never really happy with the results. But doing it properly this time around by following Katrina's suggestions (e.g. soaking wire racks in Nappysan in the bath, sprinking Bi-carb soda inside the oven and then spraying vinegar etc) has left me super happy with the results. My oven is now sparkling! I finished it off by covering the grill tray with foil to catch any drips from landing on the bottom of the oven which will hopefully make cleaning it even easier next time.

DE-CLUTTER kitchen cupboards

For this task, I chose to tackle 3 drawers that we use every day but were overflowing with too many items squeezed into each drawer.
In the top drawer we kept our bowls and plates as well as all of the kids plastic plates, bowls, containers and cups. There was way too much plasticware so I did a cull and only kept items I knew I was using daily. Items that I am not currently using have been packed away in an old nappy box, labelled and put under the house. 
The middle drawer housed all of our saucepans and frying pans. It was working fine at the time and I was going to keep it as it was but in the end it needed to be re-organised to cater for some changes I made to the bottom drawer. Some of my ceramic dishes needed to be swapped with my large pot to enable me to fit everything in.
The bottom drawer also needed some serious culling. I put plastic containers I wasn't using out for recycling, gave the left over baby food from Master one to a friend, relocated a silicon baking form to another drawer and moved some of the ceramic dishes up to the middle drawer. I'm really happy with the changes and they are working for us so far!

ORGANISE Tupperware cupboard

My empty (non-Modular Mate) Tupperware containers are kept in the cupboard underneather our stove. It has a top and middle sliding shelf and a standard bottom shelf.
The top shelf was overflowing (hmm... I think I see a pattern forming!!!) and needed a de-clutter and a bit of a re-think. I got out another old nappy box and put all of the Tupperware that I'm no longer using in it to give away or sell. I've kept some spaces free as my Tupperware shelves are constantly changing depending on what I'm using at any one time.
From the middle shelf I removed my old Bamix (stick blender) and its remaining attachments to the nappy box as I haven't used it since getting my Thermomix. I also got rid of some old cheap plastic ware that was no longer needed which left me with some spare space that can now be used for other Tupperware as I rotate through using different pieces.

NEW HABIT cleaning stove
Wiping down the stove after every cook is a great habit to get into but one which I can easily forget or put off until later (which ends up being never). It makes doing a full stove clean (racks and gas heads) quicker and easier so will now form part of my regular kitchen routine.

5 MINUTES ONLY clean splatters from bathroom mirrors

A little while ago I actually started giving the the bathroom sink/bench top and mirror a quick wipe down while the kids were having a bath. Then when it comes to actually cleaning the bathroom a few tasks are already taken care of.

Well, that's another week down and I am officially half way through the challenge! I'm aiming to have the whole challenge completed by Christmas so I'd better get a move on! Bring on Day 11!

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