Tuesday, 4 September 2012

20 Days to Organise & Clean your home Challenge – Day 2

Wow, what a day! Today's focus area is the MAIN BEDROOM and below are some photos of my attempts at the challenges set for today!

CLEAN the main bedroom and DE-CLUTTER any bedroom surfaces

First I stripped the bed and washed the sheets. Then I put all of our plastic washing baskets onto our bed and started sorting things which didn't belong in our bedroom into the rooms they needed to be returned to e.g. children's bedrooms etc or threw them in the bin. In the end this de-clutter mission ended up being more of a relocation mission as I didn't have time today to sit down and make decisions about every item's future. I will need to tackle those items when the room they were returned to is the focus room for the day. I found a home in drawers or our built-ins for all remaining items I didn't want on surfaces anymore. Now that all the clutter is gone it is actually looking quite bare! Time for some styling I think! (Oh, and that pile in the corner is hubbie's stuff. He's not participating in the challenge so I am just going to have to work around him!)

I decided to wipe down the ceiling fan by hand (rather than vacuum it) and it came up a treat! It was pretty gross so don't think it has been cleaned in years ... ewwww! Thinking of the warmer weather coming up and starting to use the fans again, I'm really glad this was in the challenge!

The privacy screen that is meant to be across our window had mould on it so I took it down to soak it for the afternoon. I then realised how dirty our bedroom window was so decided to clean it ... 30 minutes later and I remember why I'm not that keen on cleaning windows - they are actually really hard to get clean with no streak marks! But I really happy with the end result and enjoy admiring my work each time I walk back into this room now.

ORGANISE top drawer of your bedside table

This was just a quick tidy up of my underwear drawer which took about 5 minutes. As much as I would love my drawer to be stocked with hot mumma matching sets, I'm a pretty practical kind of girl so no pictures are really necessary for this one ;)

DEVELOP A NEW HABIT: make your bed each morning

I've been doing this for a couple of months now and am not sure why I resisted it for so long! It takes less than a minute to do each morning and instantly improves the look of our bedroom. 

I used to always close our bedroom door when guests came over as I was so embarrassed by the sight of it. Now that the bed is made and the room is clean and de-cluttered the door is wide open and door is now wide open!

SPEND 5 MINUTES ONLY: clean the dining room chairs

Our dining chairs are just basic cafe style laminated wood with metal legs so cleaning them fit perfectly into the 5 minute challenge.

TO-DO LIST (this is my own addition for things that still need doing)
- I forgot to vacuum and flip the mattress before remaking the bed so I'll do that next time I change the sheets.
- Buy a smaller globe for the fan so I can put the cover back on
- Start looking for some new lamps for our bedside tables (as hubbie's is broken) and nice ornaments or pictures for the chest of drawers that is now free of clutter!
- Figure out what to do with the blank wall behind the chest of drawers. 

Today's challenges probably took me about 3 hours spread over the entire day. Master two-and-a-bit and Master almost-one were my helpers (ie. hinderers) for the day so I that certainly made me get a move on when they were both having their afternoon sleep!

The Day 3 email has arrived and tomorrow's focus area is the LAUNDRY. I'm working Wednesday and Thursday so I am going to put this challenge off until Friday.  

Mel xx

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