Saturday, 1 September 2012

About Me

First and foremost I am a mother to two beautiful boys whom I cherish and a wife to a wonderful husband who adores me. My eldest son is almost 2 ½ and I just love watching his growing little personality emerge. He can be quiet, thoughtful and serious, just like his Daddy, but also carefree, cheeky and mischievous.  My youngest son is almost 1 and is a ridiculously happy and delightful little boy who adores his big brother. He is a social butterfly and loves being around people, just like me. My children are my world and I am very protective of them but I also want them to grow up to be confident, independent and not afraid to learn from their own mistakes so I try not to hover too much.

My hubbie and I have been together for 10 years and married for 5 years. We are exact opposites in almost every way which works for us most of the time but can also be very frustrating. That said life is never boring. It’s a fine balance, with us sometimes wondering what planet the other is living on. Hubbie’s work involves lots of flying (hence the inspiration behind the name of my blog) and he is sometimes away for weeks at a time. When he is home, he often works long hours and sometimes doesn’t see the children while they are awake which is sad. I am very lucky that our children are so delightful (most of the time) as this makes coping without him a lot easier. We still have our good days and our bad days but I am thankful to say that apart from when I or they are sick the bad days are few and far between. While my family all live interstate, we do have some of my hubbie’s family close by and are very grateful for their constant support.

I was very passionate about my professional work (providing support to families of children with a disability) prior to having children and in addition to my usual work was involved in committees, working parties, conferences and my profession’s peak body. By the time I fell pregnant I had ticked a lot of my career boxes but if I wanted to achieve greater things it was going to be a hard slog, involving lots of time, energy and ultimately stress. At the time, I thought I was up for it. But when I had my first baby, a significant change came over me. When I am passionate about something I really get into it and I realised that, for me, I couldn’t be the mother I wanted to be and seriously pursue my career dreams at the same time. As the saying now goes, I could have it all, just not all at the same time. I wanted to be a wonderful mother to my children and my career would have to wait for now. So I have placed any career ambitions on the back burner so that I can work part-time and enjoy watching my children grow and develop. I am lucky enough to work in a female dominated profession where working part-time after starting a family is very common and I also have a very understanding boss. While I do enjoy my work, I love the opportunity to take 12 months off to have my babies and make the most of our first year together.

My house looks like organised chaos. By this I mean that amongst the chaos there are elements of an organised household. Sometimes my house looks clean and tidy, sometimes it looks like a bomb's hit it, but mostly it just looks like a home well lived in by a family with young children! We are currently renting as we sometimes need to move for my hubbie's work so we must do with what we have in terms of space and storage. Our furniture is mix-match of things we have bought over the years, both new and second-hand, and things we have been given so nothing really matches. One day I would love to build our own home and furnish it from scratch but I'm thinking that is many years away yet... maybe when the kids have moved out of home… one can always dream.

I love food, need coffee and enjoy sharing them both with family and friends. I love eating out, especially at our local seafood restaurant, but no longer being a DINK (dual income, no kids) family these are now saved for special occasions. We are involved in a Dinner Club with friends where we all get together on a Sunday night and take turns in cooking a 3 course meal for each other. It has been going for quite a few years now and it is something I really look forward to each week. I am currently trying to get a bit more organised at home by doing some weekly meal planning to try to reduce waste and increase variety by trying a new dish each week. I enjoy baking but struggle to resist the temptation to just eat it all. I love the smell and taste of coffee and enjoy it as a part of my morning ritual. While I enjoy a simple cappuccino at home I do enjoy different flavoured coffees when out so I’m definitely not a coffee connoisseur or purist.

I love to travel and have experienced all the states and territories in Australia but have only been overseas a few times. My hubbie is lucky enough to travel to some amazing places with his work and I would love to join him one day with the kids so we can experience it all together. We will almost certainly have to move interstate with my hubbie’s work in the coming years but we are also hoping that one day we can live in another country. I would love it and I think that it would a fabulous experience for the children to be able to really immerse themselves in a different country and its culture.

I hope you enjoy reading about our journey through parenthood and I would love to hear from you too.

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